Fine Art


The Story Artist

Born in Chicago IL, Donald Kerwin at an early age, began drawing sketches of his views of the roadside as seen from the rear seat of his father's car.  These were highly detailed pencial drawings of powerlines, telephone poles, and insulators, as well as simple landscapes.  Later, he earned a Graphic Arts degree at Pensacola Christian College, and promptly began doing oil paintings.  After hearing parents and friends vocalize everyday cliches, Don decided to illustrate the phrase with humorous environments.  This was expanded into website for all to enjoy and share.   In July, 2012, he passed away at the age of 32, a true loss for everyone.  His father, Tom Kerwin, is trying to keep his legacy alive.

A cliche is a trite, sterotyped expression that has become commonplace through overuse.  Don has applied his brand of humor and creative artistry to illustrate the wisdom from decades or centuries of human experience found in these sayings.  Enjoy!

Don also did many pen and ink sketches, oil landscapres, and was an avid photographer.  It is planned to expand this website to include these for all to enjoy and purchase prints.